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If It Bleeds, It Leads: A Compendium of Contemporary Culture

If It Bleeds, It Leads
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Please Read First:

This is not a community for sharing murder photos, for talking about what people you think should be killed, or for getting advice on how to kill someone/dispose of a body/&c.. This community is for people interested in following murder cases, and exists to serve as a place where people of similar mindset can share links to relevant news stories.

Community Rules:

  1. A link to the relevant story must be included in your post. This rule is only allowed to be ignored if it's for breaking news without any news stories online yet. (Please edit to include links when they do appear though.)

  2. Cases should be notable: more than one victim, something odd/notable about the victims/accused/cause of death, case getting a large amount of high-profile media attention. Just because person A killed person X in your hometown doesn't necessarily make it notable. (This is to keep the community from being flooded with entries.)

  3. Tag your entries. Tags should consist of: name of the victim (if only one), name of the accused, location of the crime scene.

  4. No moral debate posts. We don't care whether you think capital punishment is good or bad, what you think of young offenders, what you think about pedophiles & vigilantes, and whether or not you think someone should have gotten more or less time. Post the link, comment on the facts of the case, keep your opinions about the law to a minimum. (Note: this is not to oppress opposing views, but to minimise drama. We don't need every post to be the same debate about capital punishment over and over.)

  5. Commentary to a minimum doesn't mean you should refrain from comments about specific facets of the case. "I'm getting a real Starkweather-vibe from this," "I bet that suspect X is going to be the one charged," and so on are all fine. By all means, tell us your theories about the case.

  6. Any pictures behind cuts! (And warn if there are some. Have some courtesy.) Same goes for any explicit text, or for particularly long entries.

  7. Don't copy and paste the entire article. An excerpt and a link is all that's needed.

Trolls or those who continually break the rules will be banned.