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If It Bleeds, It Leads: A Compendium of Contemporary Culture
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18th-Oct-2006 10:09 pm - Girlfriend étouffée
b&w maggie
I guess N'Awlins is officially back to normal.

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23rd-Aug-2006 09:46 am - Michael Lee Shaver, Jr.
b&w maggie
Michael Lee Shaver, Jr., 33, told the LEOs that between 2001 and the first of this year, he'd killed seven men and buried their bodies in the back yard of the log cabin he and his mother had been renting in rural Cass County, Mo., on the Kansas border.

So far they've found more than "more than 50 pieces of evidence — mostly bone fragments that had been strewn about the yard," but no identities to go with them. "Court documents indicate that the victims were shot and dismembered, and that their bodies were burned in a fireplace in the house."

Stories here and here.

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No, seriously. Katherine Knight, a former slaughterhouse employee killed her (possibly sleeping)boyfriend with a butcher knife, skinned him, hanging his flesh on a meat hook, and cooked parts of his body, having set the table for his children (Like a reverse Titus Andronicus) in 2001. There were also "snuff" movies in the house.

Now she's trying to plead with Australian courts to overturn her life sentence because she's a woman, among other, rather flimsy reasons. She's known in prison for her "demure behaviour".

Knight has a history of violence in previous relationships and marriages, among other things killing one ex's puppy and smashing another's false teeth.

Sounds like a really pleasant lady. http://www.dailytelegraph.news.com.au/story/0,20281,19585040-5001022,00.html
16th-Jun-2006 01:23 pm - Flying Severed head?
In Boise, Idaho, a severed head was thrown from a pickup truck when it collided with an oncoming car. The impacy killed the two of the occupants of the car in question. The severed head belonged to the driver of the truck's wife. Alofa Time has admitted involvement in his wife's death.

12th-Jun-2006 11:22 pm - Death By Sausage
A 50 year old man in Eastern Germany is accused of "administering" a large sausage to a women (no snickering), causing her choking death.

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